About Malmöflickorna

The School of Modern Rhythmical Art and Movement was founded in 1954 by Leida Leesment (1918-1998), a well known Physical Education graduate from Tartu University, Estonia. She fled to Sweden during World War II, and created a type of movement which has become famous throughout the world. Leida Leesment received many honours and medals, most notably the Royal Medal "Illis Quorum".

After Leida Leesment the Director and Head Coach was Tiina Leesment Bergh (1945-2018), a Physical Education graduate from Stockholm University. She is a former member of the Elite Group and for many years the assistant leader until the death of Leida Leesment. Tiina Leesment Bergh was awarded "Leader of the Year" in 1998 by the Swedish Gymnastic Federation. 1999 she was asked from the International Gymnastic Federation (FIG) to be responsible for the FIG-gala during the 11th World Gymnaestrada in Gothenburg. That was said to have been the "best ever" Gala.

Tiina Leesment Bergh was engaged as choreographer at the Malmö Opera and Music Theatre' production of "Eugen Onegin" 2001 and 2002.

Malmöflickornas´ School is based on creative joy of movement. The basic philosophy of movement has remained the same throughout the history of the school. Everything is based on natural and harmonious movements, adapted to suit the girls´ development and maturity. The aim is to develop everyone to master their body to the fullest, according to each girl´s aptitude and talent. To gradually and methodically attain co-ordination, concentration, musicality, inner harmony and grace.

We are able to adapt our performances for many different types of events, any size - like opening ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, shows and sporting events.